Decker (decker2003) wrote,

Good weekend in Tampa Bay.

I took first place again in the Joe Speaker Special on

Bubbled 4th place in the Dr. Pauly contest.

Also won my work league game, thanks to stellar performances from Clinton Portis and Brandon Jacobs.

The Buc's won. The Ray's won. What a kickass weekend!

I admit I've never been a baseball fan. I find it boring. I have a hard time with waiting so long between pitches. Not enough action for me. To much downtime. Still, Go Rays!

Also got to play some FTP Matrix tourneys. Did a bit better then break even there. They're fun to play, and my initial reasoning is that success in these tourneys is more dependent on skill then traditional Sit&Go's. Your score is determined not just by what place you finish in on each of the 4 tables, but also by how many people you eliminate and how many you outlast. '

Wonder how long until Star's counters with their own version of a Matrix like tourney?
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