Decker (decker2003) wrote,

Fantasy Football Draft

We got 12 teams this year and randomly choose the draft order. I always seem to pick near the end. This year was no different. I was 11th to pick. All the studs were gone when it got to me. I snatched up Clinton Portis in the first round. I chose him over Marion Barber, who was still available. Briefly considered grabbing a WR first round, but chose to go the more traditional route.

Second round got to me quickly, and Without hesitation I snagged a QB. Brady and Mannning are so last year. I picked Tony Romo, who I feel is going to be THE QB stud this season. Would have loved to add Terrell Owens to the squad, but some rookie grabbed him up in the first round.

It seemed like forever for the third and fourth round picks to get back to me, and of course all the marquee players were gone. I felt quite fortunate to pick up Steve Smith (WR). Yes, I know he is facing a 2 game suspension at the beginning of regular season, but he'll make up for it. I hope.

Fourth round? I had my eye on Plaxico Burress and came oh so close to recruiting him to Team Decker. Unfortunately, he was snatched right before my pick. So, I settled for the bruiser and Superbowl Champion RB, Brandon Jacobs.

Again a long wait for rounds 5 and 6. It's starting to be slim pickins. Round 5 I struggle with the decision of what position to fill; RB or WR? I'm semi-satisfied with my 2 starting RB's and am leaning towards another strong WR. It will be my last chance to get a decent offensive player. I might have made a mistake this round, but Hines Ward was looking very appealing, and I bypassed several higher ranked WR's and RB's to lock him up.

Short wait for round 6 and I elect to grab Ryan Grant (RB), who is currently nursing an injured hamstring, but claims he's ready to go. Considering Green Bay is working with a young new QB, Grant should get lots of carries, if he can get healthy. I think he was a bargain in round 6.

Round 7, I know I need to start looking at TE's, Defenses, and even a kicker. Some decent TE's are still available. I almost got Jeremy Shockey and/or Dallas Clark, but both were locked up just a few picks earlier. I settle for Heath Miller. I'm not real excited about this pick, but then again, TE's are not really that exciting. I expect a few TD's from Heath this season. However, I am pretty sure Shockey will have a kick ass season this year. Wish I would have been able to recruit him.

Round 8 I shit the bed. I grabbed WR Kevin Curtis, and later found out he's nursing a sports hernia. Undetermined how long he'll be out of action. Might have been a wasted pick. I might have been better off grabbing a top ranked defense here.

After another extended wait I scrap my initial plans of grabbing a defense, because I feel I need to make up for the last pick. Javon Walker (WR) got the nod and made his way over to Team Decker. He may very well turn out to be a very good round 9 pick.

Now it's time for a defense, and in round 10, I scored with Baltimore. After the first few weeks of play, I may be looking to pickup another defense off of waivers.

By now, no known players are left and we have 6 more picks to go. I start thinking about rookies with potential. Round 11 I drafted rookie RB, Rashard Mendenhall. He will likely be used in third and short and goal line scenarios. If Willie Parker gets hurt, Mendenhall will be the man.

Finally it's time to get a kicker. Jeff Reed gets the nod in round 12. I can pick up another kicker any time, so I am not real concerned with this position.

I'm looking at rookies with potential again, and in round 13 I select the Bill's James Hardy (WR). Hardyis 6'7" and makes for a huge target.

Round 14 saw me snag a back-up QB. I think Chad Pennington was a bargain this deep in the draft and will certainly be a capable substitute on Romo's bye week. Pennington has been compared to Tom Brady. That may be a stretch, but I do expect good things from him this year.

I rounded out my team with Amani Toomer (WR) and Andre Hall (RB). Hall is from my hometown of Saint Petersburg FL, so I felt obligated.

I think I have a well rounded team. I am a bit concerned about my WR slots and am counting on Steve Smith to perform well, after his suspension.

That's Team Decker. What do you think? Do I have a shot of winning? Where did I screw up?
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