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Don Imus, Hardrock, Poker

Who will pick up Don Imus? XM or Sirius? My guess is XM, only because Howard Stern and Imus have a very bad history, and although Stern has shown he can mend fences to further his career, as he did with Bubba The Love Sponge, it is unlikely Imus has the character or class to do the same thing. He'll end up at XM and will most likely have miserable ratings. This is all assuming he ends up getting fired, which I am predicting will be the case.

Side note, what do you think about Opie and Anthony drawing 0.6% rating shares in two major markets? They suck...


Stayed at the Hardrock in Tampa Sunday night. I had two respectable sessions at the $2 limit holdem tables (stop laughing, I live in Florida damnit!). The late night session was especially good and I was lucky enough to be seated at a table with nary one asshole. That is rare.

My biggest issue with live play is that I have little tolerance for loud mouths and assholes who constantly chatter and try to hard to be funny. It's rare that I don't find myself irritated by at least six players at my table. If you have to try to be funny - you're not. Trust me.

At my table was an over dressed Athletic Director from Academy Prep in Tampa, Former NFL running back Rabih Muhammad (played for the 2004 superbowl Patriots and had a brief stint with the Buc's). Two college kids who were drunk but pleasant, and a couple old coots.

I stood up around 1am. The wife had already retired to the room after blowing her roll on video poker. I wandered the floor for a bit, surprised to see so many degenerates gambling away on Easter Sunday. I sat at the center bar for awhile and ogled the bartenders. Finally I bought my last beer and staggered up to the room.

Oh yes, around 11pm I got up to take a piss. I wasn't paying any attention and as I walked in the restroom and unzipped my fly, I saw out of the corner of my eye a woman with her back to me, putting make up on in the mirror. You'd think that would kind of be a red flag for me, but I walked right by her. As I stood befuddled looking for a urinal and trying to figure out why there was a chick in here, she said "errrr, wrong one- heeeeeheeeee". Without making eye contact, I uttered a sincere apology, spun around and exited. She laughed and said it was the best thing that happened to her all night. If that's true, she must have not been having a great night. I was mortified, and half afraid that security saw me and would boot me. They didn't.

Here is a pic of the Ford Amphitheatre as seen from the parking garage at the Hardrock:


I've pretty much given up on ever again being successful online. I can't consistently beat any game anymore, except micro limit sit&go's. So I've decided to just play MTT's, recreationally, and let luck takes it course. Obviously, it will be -EV, but if and when I ever score, it will be a decent score. This is not a decision I made out of frustration or disgust, it's just reality. I read a shitload of poker blogs, some (ok most!) written by players far better then I, and none of them are beating the online games anymore. So I'll have fun playing tourney's and hopefully write about a big score someday.

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PS: This happened as I wrote that last sentence:

This is nothing new. It happens a lot more then the odds would dictate. My allin opponent hitting a gutshot on the river is common place, and it no longer comes as a surprise to me, or pisses me off. Well, maybe just a little....

PPS - Rebuilt up my stack and might just cash in this thing...
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