Decker (decker2003) wrote,

Looking up

FullTilt has been down most of the night, so I decided to see what was happening on Stars. I was prepared to deposit a c-note and see how long it took me to blow it. Instead, I discovered I had $1.15 balance hanging around on Stars. The cheapest full table NLHE S&G I saw was $1.20. I was a nickel shy! Fortunately, they have 6 player 5-card draw tourneys for $1.10. Been awhile since I played draw, so I figured why not. I ended up finishing 2nd place, pocketing $2.10 - sweet. Now I could afford a $1.20 two table NLHE S&G.

The first hand I'm the button with 9Td, I limp. Flop is JQK giving me the sissy end of the straight. Check, check and I bet minimum. Two EP players limp along for the ride. The turn helps no one, and first limper makes a pot sized bet. 2nd limper calls and I push all in. They both call. Both had two pair and I triple up when the river is a blank. I ended up finishing in 3rd place, and increase my Stars roll to a respectable $5.80. I'm on a roll - wooothefuckwhooooo.


I go to the doctor this week for my semi-annual checkup. In my whole life, I've never visited doctors, but now it has become a neccessity. You see, in order for him to keep the Ambien CR rolling in, he has to check out my blood every six months. It's a small price to pay to get some sleep. He's actually a pretty cool doctor. He asks me how life is going. Whenever we talk about my difficulty sleeping, he always asks if I'm depressed or stressed. My answer is always the same, "no". And it's true. I have my moments, but I've really got nothing to be depressed about (other then fucking river rats sucking out on me on FullTilt!). However, I'm thinking about telling him I am to see if he'll prescribe me a little something for it.

Last time my cholesterol count was to high. I forget the exact numbers, and they weren't alarmingly high, but high nonetheless. Whenever I think of people with high cholesterol, I automatically picture fat out of shape people, who look like a walking heart attack. Not the case I guess. I've actually done a pretty good job of scaling back red meat and fried food out of my diet. I've also been jogging on the days I don't play tennis. Physical activity is supposed to increase the "good" cholesterol. I'm curious to see if that's had any effect.
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