Decker (decker2003) wrote,

bloggerpod final table

from a chip and a chair, to chip leader at the final table... What a strange game

9:20pm - Always an ace. This time on the river:

9:30pm - finished 6th/82 - Once again, an ace on the river kills me:

As you can see, I flop top two pair, and I know they're good. With only one opponent, I check, opponent bets pot, I push all in. She calls. Of course, I'm ahead, but we can never forget the board must always have an ace. ALthefuckWAYS. This time, again, the ace came on the river. I don't blame her for calling with TPTK, although I'm not sure I would have. Still, it just goes to show you, if you ever play against me online and I bet big - CALL - you will hit whatever it is you need to win. Trust me on this.

Yeah, it was a lousy freeroll, but I still wanted to do well. I think I won like $1.50 or something. I'm still just disgusted with this game. I just can't win. no matter what. Mathematically, how can odds go against me for so long, and so often? Yeah, I know, waaaaaaahhhhhhhh..... I'm going to bed now
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