Decker (decker2003) wrote,

My gawd it's been years

Is anyone still out there? I still follow a couple poker blogs, but most the ones I really liked have sold out.

Me? I still play. Mostly live and local. I enjoy Derby Lane's $1-$3 NLHE game. Especially at night. On my most recent outing, I lost all my chips with quads over quads. I turned them, he flopped them. I flopped a set and was drawing dead. Besides that, I do fairly well.

I've also begun playing on Bovada (formerly Bodog). I cashed out $100, just to see if the money would make it to me safe and sound. It did. Took about a week, but that was to be expected. Frankly, it was harder depositing the funds, then withdrawing. Where there's a will, there's a way.

So yeah, I'm still here. Some things have changed, and some have remained the same. If you're reading this because you subscribed to my RSS feed years ago, please drop a comment and say "hi".


Mr. D.
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