Decker (decker2003) wrote,

Built a new rig a couple months ago. Top of the line Video card, MB, 4gb Skill RAM - all the bells and whistles. It's about the 5th one I've built - and the most frustrating. It will surely be the last, as the money I saved, did not pay for the aggravation I endured. I spent the better part of a week getting it up and running. My biggest mistake was salvaging my old hard drive that contained my Vista Business install. I should have known it's days were numbered. It's about 7 years old! An old E-IDE dinosaur. The new MB offers all the bells and whistles, and although I installed a 500GB Sata drive, I kept the old 75gb Seagate as my primary boot drive. Well about a month ago it started acting up. Refusing to boot and making all kinds of humming, whirring, and grinding sounds. I move crucial files and documents (IE: porn) onto the 500gb SATA and waited for the inevitable crash. Well it happened last week.

Today New Egg came through with 2 1-TB SATA drives. I got them for $79 each after rebate. Intalled them today in a RAID-1 array. It was my first try at setting up RAID, and appears to have gone flawlessly (knock on wood). My Vista "Windows Experience" index comes in at 5.5. I've downloaded a few crucial progams like Firefox, Thunderbird, various IM programs, and of course Full Tilt Poker. Now begins the task of downloading a couple dozen other apps that have built up on my desktop. Here's a snapshot of my desktop before the crash. I captured it last week, in anticipation of having to start from scratch with a fresh install:


Should be a busy weekend.
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