Decker (decker2003) wrote,

It's Alive

Hard to believe it's been over four months since my last post. Yeah, I'm still playing online. Certainly not as much as I used to. I manage to log a couple hours a day on FullTilt or Stars. I'm mostly alternating between the $5.50 and $11 NLHE Sit&Go's. It's where I get the most bang for my buck (IE: lose the least in the longest amount of time). I'm actually holding my own at these games. When I'm in the mood and playing my "A Game", I can profit. However, I've been suffering from a mild case of poker burnout lately, and rarely approach the game as I should.

Live sessions at Derby Lane have gone well. I'm on a three session winning streak and feel like most of the time, I am the best player at the table. Or at least one of best. By the way, I consider winning session, a session where I win enough to cover my bar tab and maybe put a few extra bucks in my pocket. I'm focusing entirely on the $100 NL games now and have amped up my aggression quite a bit. It's definately helped my bottom line.

I need to start posting more. I actually still have sponsors willing to pay me for advertising here and I am not ready to give up that little income, just yet.

Can you tell my mood is a bit "blah"? I just wrote out a pretty hefty check to the IRS...
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