Decker (decker2003) wrote,

Derby Lane bad beat jackpot

Second hand of the night at the NL table. I try to limp with J9s, However the player to my left makes it $10 to go. I drop. Player to my right calls. everyone else drops. The one in a million flop comes AAA. The Laotian dealer mumbles "this be a possible bad beat hand". The bad beat at Derby is when J's full of A's, or better, gets beaten by quads or better. Both hole cards must be played. These two players are betting each other pretty heavy, which is not good. A bad beat hand must go to showdown. Luckily the player to my left had the case A. He wasn't going anywhere. The turn and river were baby cards. When betting was done, the player to my left shows his hand, AJ, for quad aces. The player to my right lets out a hoot and turns over pocket K's. Then the rest of the table burst into celebration. We hit the bad beat. At Derby, the "beatee" gets 50% of the jackpot, the beater - 25%, and the rest of the table who was dealt two cards splits the remaining 25%. The Jackpot was a modest $8800. My take was $370 and two rounds of drink that the big winner bought for the table.

The rest of the night went fairly well and I managed to cash out a meager win, even after giving half my chips to the cocktail girl.
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