Decker (decker2003) wrote,


I got two paid sponsor reviews that I have to put up in the next few days, and I'd feel kinda guilty putting up stuff like that without putting up a real update, so here goes:

I'm trying to cashout $110 that I have in my The3Dpoker account. I forgot it was even there, but discovered it after a cursory check of all the old sites cluttering my desktop. I would have pissed it away at their $0.25 - $0.50 NL tables, since that is all they ever had going, but unfortunately they finally banned us Americans. I'm putting my odds at ever seeing my money at a solid 50-50. Good thing is I never deposited at this site. I started out with a free $10 promo about 2 years ago.

I'm continuing to eke out small profits at the Full Tilt NL sit and goes. Mainly playing the 2 table 18 player games. If I took it more seriously and played my A game, I could beat these games for a lot more then I am.

I've been running well live at Derby Lane. I finally grew a set and started sitting at the $100 buy in NL tables. It helped that the $1-$5 tables are becoming scarce. Patience and tempered aggresion has been golden.

K, now I feel better about pimping for some money
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