Decker (decker2003) wrote,

My Window Their Mirror

In my downtown St. Pete. office my south wall is all window, ceiling to floor. Actually it is made up of four huge, hurricane resistant, window panes. They are each about 8’ tall and about 4’ wide. I have semi transparent shades that I can pull down if the sun is really bad. I am on the first floor, street level. The first six feet outside the office is nicely maintained landscaping, but primarily I overlook a sidewalk and a fairly busy, three lane, one way street. Directly across the street from me is my mechanic’s shop. It’s hellaciously convenient for oil changes and routine maintenance. I simply park there when I come into work, watch the progress from my desk, and walk over and pick it up when he’s done. He almost always has me done by lunchtime. I’m pretty sure I could find better prices somewhere else, but the convenience factor is definitely worth a few bucks to me.

Outside, from the sidewalk, my windows are reflective. Just like a gigantic mirror – MOOOOOHOOOOOHAAAAA. Yes friends, free entertainment. On any given day 10-30 people walk by my office. Business people, construction workers, bums, homeless, crack whores, cops, etc… Without fail, they cannot resist the temptation to stare at themselves in the gigantic mirror. Some pose. Others adjust their clothing. Some adjust themselves. I wonder if they ever consider for a second that someone might be on the other side of the “mirror”, just a few feet away, watching them.
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