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Finally experienced a little online success over the weekend. I almost forgot what it felt like. Played quite a bit 2/4 limit stuff and didn't do anything spectacular. Just won most of my coin flips and saw my big hands hold up. That's all it really takes, right?

If you're a Fulltilt player, be sure to check the lobby under "requests" - "my bonus offers" (or something like that). They are giving out quite a few no deposit bonuses, but they're not advertising this fact, you have to go look for it. Mine was for $100 with a moderate play through requirement. I got a couple weeks to clear it - shouldn't be a problem.

play online poker
Play Online Poker

My live game winning streak came to a crashing, smoldering end Friday night. I busted out of three tourneys. The last one we're down to four. I manage to get all in against the chipleader luckbox maniac. I have KK - He has A6o. All looks good until the river. When I saw the A hit. I almost thought I was back online. I took some other sick beats that night, but that's the one that sticks with me. We'll try again next week.
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